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Bij het kopen van een scooter komen natuurlijk allerlei dingen kijken.
Zonder aan de onderstaande dingen te voldoen, kunt u geen scooter kopen.

  • U moet in het bezit zijn van een Nederlands rijbewijs. Mocht u in het bezit zijn van een niet-Nederlands rijbewijs, dan kunt u in sommige gevallen uw rijbewijs omwisselen. Klik hier voor meer informatie.
  • U moet in Nederland staan ingeschreven.



When buying a scooter all kinds of things are involved.
If you meet all the things below, you can buy a scooter.

  • You must have a Dutch driving license. In some cases, if you are in possession of a non-Dutch driving license, you can exchange your driving license. Click here for more information.
  • RDW is the Netherlands Vehicle Authority in the mobility chain. The Dutch RDW has premises in many of the larger cities, so it’s easy to visit an RDW in person and sort matters out quickly. In order to buy a scooter in the Netherlands (or any other vehicle) you need to be an official resident of the Netherlands. Not a citizen. Just someone who has an address in the Netherlands and has registered with the local council. The RDW requires proof of your residency. That means you need to go to the local council and pay for an “uittreksel”. It’s basically just an extract from the council records that shows your name, age, and address, etc. It’s good for three months, so if you need it for another purpose within that time you won’t need to pay again.

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